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Oversize Waterproof Automatic Tuna Diver Watch

Oversize Waterproof Automatic Tuna Diver Watch

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Introducing the Oversize Waterproof Automatic Tuna Diver Watch – the ultimate timepiece designed to accompany you on your most daring underwater expeditions. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this watch merges impeccable style with unrivaled functionality, making it an essential accessory for both avid divers and watch aficionados.

Key Features:

  1. Oversize Design: The bold and robust design of the watch ensures easy readability in various conditions. The larger case diameter and prominent markers allow for quick time checks, even in low-light environments.

  2. Waterproof Performance: Engineered to withstand the pressures of deep-sea exploration, this watch boasts an exceptional water resistance rating. With a depth rating of [X meters/feet], you can confidently take it on your most ambitious dives without worrying about water damage.

  3. Automatic Movement: The heart of this watch is a high-precision automatic movement. Powered by the wearer's wrist motion, it eliminates the need for batteries and ensures accurate timekeeping in all situations.

  4. Tuna Can Case: The watch features a distinctive "Tuna Can" case design, inspired by the resilient and functional shape of tuna cans. This unique design not only contributes to its robustness but also gives the watch a distinctive and recognizable appearance.

  5. Luminous Markers: Enhanced with luminescent markers and hands, the watch provides excellent visibility even in dark environments. Whether you're exploring underwater caves or diving at night, you can rely on the watch's readability.

  6. Rotating Dive Bezel: The unidirectional rotating bezel is a crucial tool for divers, allowing them to accurately time their dives. The textured grip on the bezel ensures easy operation even while wearing diving gloves.

  7. Sturdy Strap: The watch comes with a rugged strap that can withstand exposure to water, salt, and harsh conditions. Its durability and adjustable length make it comfortable to wear over a wetsuit or diving gear.

  8. Sapphire Crystal: The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the watch face from potential damage, ensuring its clarity and integrity even after rigorous use.

  9. Date Display: Stay informed about the date during your underwater adventures with the incorporated date window. It adds practicality to the watch without compromising its aesthetics.

  10. Iconic Design: The Oversize Waterproof Automatic Tuna Diver Watch pays homage to classic diver watch designs while incorporating modern elements. Its fusion of heritage and innovation makes it a timeless piece suitable for any occasion.

Whether you're a professional diver seeking a reliable companion or a connoisseur of fine watches with an appreciation for unique design, the Oversize Waterproof Automatic Tuna Diver Watch is the perfect choice. Embrace the spirit of exploration and adventure with a timepiece that can withstand the depths and still keep you punctual and stylish.

Product Description
Product Name
NH35 Automatic movement
1000M Waterproof
Case Size: 53.6mm(without crown)/ Case thickness:17.85mm
Lug size:22mm/ Lug to lug length:53.6mm
Ceramic bezel/ Bi-direction 120 clicks/ Bezel size:39.00*31.20*1.20mm
Sapphire glass/ Glass size:33.00*3.50mm
Dial Size
Hands Size
Crown Size
Plastic box / T a g / Warranty Card
SD1978 1000m Dive Watch
BGW9 Blue +C3 Green Luminous
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