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Senecure MAZEL Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge Right Handed Golf Club

Senecure MAZEL Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge Right Handed Golf Club

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Introducing the Senecure MAZEL Wedge, your ultimate companion for mastering the art of pitching and chipping in golf. Designed for right-handed players, this precision-engineered wedge is crafted to elevate your short game to new heights.

With its advanced pitching and chipping technology, the Senecure MAZEL Wedge offers unparalleled control and accuracy on the green. Whether you're navigating tricky bunkers or executing delicate approach shots, this club empowers you to confidently tackle any challenge.

The innovative design features a strategically crafted wedge sole and optimal weight distribution, ensuring smooth turf interaction and consistent ball flight. Its sleek and ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and stability, allowing you to maintain a fluid swing motion with ease.

Engineered for performance and durability, the Senecure MAZEL Wedge is constructed from high-quality materials, built to withstand the rigors of the game. Elevate your golfing experience and take your short game to the next level with the Senecure MAZEL Wedge – your ultimate tool for precision and performance on the course.

Product Description
Easier Swing.
The Putter-like length (35 inches) and putter-like lie angle (68 degrees), plus anti-rotational weighting make it easier to swing
and control,increase your confidence and improve your performance!
MAZEL Chippers.
Made of durable stainless steel for durable use,the club has 35,45 & 55 degree loft for choice.
35 inch Putter-like length make it easy to hit and get the ball out of tight spots !
Other features:
Lie: 68 degree
Head Weight: 330g
Material: Stainless steel

Wide Sole.

The extra wide sole design promotes extra forgiveness even on off-center shots and beveled leading edge prevent digging; No more chunked pitch and chip shots reduces wasted strokes..

CNC Milled Face.

The precision CNC milled face provides consistency and accuracy..

High Quality Grip.

High Performance Rubber Grip Easy to Hold and Helps Eliminate the Unwanted Vibration for Creating a Stable & Consistent Feel!.
Brand Name
Senecure Mazel
Model Number
Club Type
Shaft Material
Right Handed
Product name
MAZEL Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women
Grip Material
Head Material
Stainless Steel 431
55 degree
68 degree
Poly bag/Export carton
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