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Senecure MAZEL 460CC Black Men's Golf Club Driver Graphite Shaft

Senecure MAZEL 460CC Black Men's Golf Club Driver Graphite Shaft

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Introducing the Senecure MAZEL 460CC Black Men's Golf Club Driver with Graphite Shaft, engineered to elevate your game to new heights on the green. Crafted with precision and performance in mind, this driver combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design.

Featuring a generous 460CC club head, the Senecure MAZEL driver offers an expansive sweet spot, ensuring maximum forgiveness and distance with every swing. The sleek black finish not only adds a touch of style but also reduces glare, providing enhanced focus and confidence at address.

Equipped with a high-performance graphite shaft, this driver delivers optimal flex and responsiveness, allowing for effortless power transfer and superior control. Whether you're teeing off on the fairway or aiming for the perfect drive, the Senecure MAZEL driver offers unparalleled stability and accuracy.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and precision, the club's balanced weight distribution promotes a smooth and consistent swing motion, resulting in longer drives and tighter shot dispersion.

Step up your game and conquer the course with the Senecure MAZEL 460CC Black Men's Golf Club Driver. Dominate every tee box and unleash your full potential with this premium-quality driver designed for serious golfers.

Product Description
Our Brand.
"MAZEL" originates from one of the oldest languages in the world,which means good luck! Luckily,Nowadays MAZEL became our golf brand established in 2002,aimed to bring best luck to every golfer.After our effort of the past 18 years,MAZEL golf had been widely recognized in the consumers group and went toward the world. MAZEL brand always insists on "professional focus,excellent service" as business philophy,Committed to provide best golf products to the whole world customers.With the improvement of our production technology,more and more new golfs are being developed to meet golfers’ demand,Please pay more attention to our future........
MAZEL Black Golf Driver--Upgrade Version.
This upgraded version driver features a new, aggressive style and powerful performance.The large titanium club head is 460cc for maximum distance and confidence at address.
It's perfect for any professional golfers to improve performance!
* Loft= 10.5 Degree
* Lie= 59 Degree
* Weight= 325g
* Capacity=460CC

New Aerodynamic Shape.

All new Aerodynamic shape head design enhance the aerodynamics to drag for fast speed and expands sweet spot for maximum distance from anywhere on the face,giving you the most forgiveness.

Low Center of Gravity.

460CC large head strategically positions mass with a lower,deeper Center of Gravity,great for long & high tee shots.

Fast Ball Speed Across The Face.

CNC Cup hitting face technology helps to reduce the face thickness,high rebound structure which is more efficient at delivering fast ball speed across the face, especially on mis-hits,still retain increased average distance.
Our golf driver comes with a nice PU head cover,provides the best way to protect your valuable golf club heads from the damage
that occur during play or travel and maintain the beauty of the finish.

How to Select the Right Shaft Flex for Yourself ?.

Selecting the right flex is key to getting the most out of your clubs,we have 3 type shaft flex for your choice, Stiff (S),Middle
(SR),Regular (R).
In general,the faster your swing the speed, the stiffer the shaft you will need. And we will give you some suggestion as below:
1.Stiff (S): Stiff flex may be used by golfers who consistently drive the ball 250-260 yards. This is one of the two most popular
stiffness and is usually used by mid-low handicappers.
2.Middle (SR):SR flex may be used by golfers who consistently drive the ball between 240-250 yards ,it's between S and R flex.
3.Regular(R):Regular flex may be used by golfers who consistently drive the ball between 210-240 yards and is also a very popular
selection. This stiffness is appropriate for mid-high handicappers.
Pls note that stiffness flex ranking is Extra Stiff (X) >Stiff (S)>Middle(SR)>Regular (R)>Senior (A)> Ladies (L).
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