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SB Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill

SB Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill

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Introducing the SB Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Transform your outdoor living space into a cozy haven with the SB Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, this fireplace grill will not only keep you warm on chilly evenings but also elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Corten Steel Construction: The SB Backyard Home Fireplace Grill is crafted from premium Corten steel. This not only ensures exceptional durability but also develops a beautiful rust patina over time, giving it a distinctive, rustic appearance that blends seamlessly with any outdoor setting.

  2. Dual Functionality: This versatile fireplace serves as both a source of warmth and a cooking station. Whether you're roasting marshmallows with the family or grilling steaks for a gathering of friends, this fireplace grill has you covered.

  3. Ample Cooking Space: The spacious cooking grill provides plenty of space to prepare your favorite meals over an open flame. From burgers and hotdogs to skewers and vegetables, you can create culinary masterpieces right in your backyard.

  4. Integrated Chimney: The fireplace grill comes with an integrated chimney that efficiently channels smoke away from your cooking area. Say goodbye to smoky eyes and clothes; you can enjoy a clear and comfortable cooking experience.

  5. Easy-to-Adjust Grill Grate: The adjustable grill grate allows you to control the distance between the cooking surface and the flames, giving you precise control over the cooking temperature and ensuring perfectly grilled results every time.

  6. Sturdy and Stable: Designed with stability in mind, this fireplace grill stands firm even in windy conditions. Its robust construction ensures years of reliable use.

  7. Low Maintenance: Corten steel's natural rusting process actually enhances the longevity of this fireplace grill. It requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – enjoying your outdoor space.

  8. Stylish Design: The SB Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill is not just a functional addition to your backyard; it's a statement piece. Its elegant, modern design will make it the focal point of your outdoor area.

Whether you're hosting a barbecue, cozying up by the fire, or simply enjoying the ambiance of a crackling flame, the SB Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill brings both warmth and style to your outdoor space. Embrace the magic of outdoor living with this exquisite addition to your backyard. Make your evenings unforgettable with the SB Corten Steel Fireplace Grill.


Backyard Home Corten Steel Fireplace Grill , Large Charcoal Grills , Charcoal Barbeque Grill.

Product Description
The barbecues with a particular care for details,but most importantly, with the thought about our customers. The barbecue can be personalized according to one’s needs, all parts are exchangeable, have different forms and colors – depending on one’s taste and needs a perfect barbecue can be created.
Product Name
Rustic Style Round Corten BBQ Outdoor Manufacturer wood fire pit grill
Corten steel,mild steel,stainless,etc.
Rusty or Painted
800mm,1000mm,Standard or Custom
Customize LOGO:
Material Thickness:
2-10 mm
Simple Operation Barbecue Grill In Corten mainly used for doing barbecuing with your family and friends in garden or backyard.
Product Details
AHL BBQ meets the expectations of both professional and amateur cooks who need to serve more guests or prepare several meals at one time.
Material: corten steel
Corten steel is sometimes called weathering steel. The reason it lasts so long is that the first corrosion layer prevents any
further deterioration caused by rust.
The more you use, the better it looks. After a while, the steel forms a beautiful and natural patina layer.
Corten steel Barbecue fire pit table with grill can be left outside the whole year round without the need for cover.
Carbon steel top plate:
This top plate is made of enough thick tempered carbon steel.This type of material prevents the change of shape during exposure to high temperature

Diameter: 1000mm and 800mm
Thickness : 10mm
Center grill Dia: 450mm( for Dia 1000mm ) and 400mm (for Dia 800mm)
The Base:
The base is made from a special grade of steel which contains copper (Corten). Corten steel is sometimes called weathering steel.

Thickness: 2mm
material: corten steel
Size: 500*500*700mm for Dia1000mm
Size:450*450*700mm for Dia 800mm
The Bowl:
The seam of the bowl is welded with special weathering steel electrodes which have the feature of high temperature resistant

Thickness: 2mm
Dia: 1000mm and 800mm
Our Advantages

1.Cleaning & Maintenance Easier

Another feature of our barbecues is the removable ashpan which makes the cleaning and maintenance easier. Once again, You will not find it elsewhere.

2.Meet your customization needs.

We offer several designs and variants to choose from – possibility to personalize Your BBQ.

3.Additional Accessories.

We created handy accessories where their design matches the barbecues creating a coherent whole (benches, tables, aprons, BBQ tools, cleaning tools or fire starters)


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