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Ruffle Two Piece Striped Deep-V Swimsuit

Ruffle Two Piece Striped Deep-V Swimsuit

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Ruffle Two Piece Striped Deep-V Swimsuit

ruffle two-piece striped deep-V swimsuit is a stylish and trendy swimwear option for women. Here's a description of each component:

  1. Bikini Top: The bikini top features a deep-V neckline, which creates a flattering and alluring look. It typically has ruffle detailing along the neckline or on the straps, adding a playful and feminine touch. The striped pattern gives it a chic and timeless appeal.

  2. Bikini Bottoms: The bikini bottoms are designed to match the top and usually have a low-rise or mid-rise waist. They may also have ruffle accents along the waistline or leg openings, complementing the ruffle detailing on the top. The striped pattern continues on the bottoms, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

Product Name Woman Sexy striped swimwear
Material Polyester/Nylon
Size S-L
Gender Women
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