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Fast Charging Auto Clamping Phone Car Holder Wireless Charger

Fast Charging Auto Clamping Phone Car Holder Wireless Charger

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Introducing our Fast Charging Auto Clamping Phone Car Holder with Wireless Charger – the perfect solution to keep your smartphone secure and charged while you're on the go. This innovative car accessory combines cutting-edge technology, convenience, and safety to provide you with an exceptional driving experience.

Key Features:

  1. Auto Clamping Technology: Say goodbye to fumbling with your phone while driving. Our car holder features advanced auto-clamping technology that securely holds your smartphone in place with a simple touch. The arms automatically close around your device, ensuring a snug fit.

  2. Wireless Charging: Keep your device powered up without the hassle of cords. The built-in wireless charging pad supports fast charging for compatible smartphones. Simply place your device in the holder, and it will start charging wirelessly, ensuring your phone stays charged during your journey.

  3. Fast Charging Capability: Our wireless charger is designed for speed. With fast charging capabilities, you can top up your battery quickly, even during short drives. This is especially useful when you're in a rush and need to ensure your phone has enough power.

  4. 360-Degree Rotation: Adjust your phone's viewing angle with ease. The car holder features a 360-degree rotation mechanism, allowing you to position your device in landscape or portrait mode for optimal visibility and navigation.

  5. Secure Vent or Dashboard Mount: This versatile holder can be easily mounted on your car's air vent or dashboard. The adjustable mounting options ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types and models.

  6. One-Handed Operation: With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly place your phone in the holder and remove it with one hand. This promotes safe driving habits by minimizing distractions while you're on the road.

  7. Compatibility: Our car holder is designed to accommodate a variety of smartphone sizes. It can securely hold devices of different widths, ensuring that your phone is snugly held in place regardless of its size.

  8. Sleek and Modern Design: The car holder's sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to your car's interior. The smooth finish and minimalistic aesthetics blend seamlessly with your vehicle's style.

  9. Overheat and Overcharge Protection: Your device's safety is our priority. The wireless charger includes built-in protection mechanisms to prevent overcharging and overheating, ensuring a secure charging process for your smartphone.

  10. Easy Installation: Our car holder is designed for hassle-free installation. Simply attach it to your chosen mounting location, plug it into your car's power source, and you're ready to go.

Elevate your driving experience with the Fast Charging Auto Clamping Phone Car Holder with Wireless Charger. Stay connected, powered up, and focused on the road while enjoying the convenience of hands-free navigation and charging. Whether you're on a long road trip or a short commute, this car holder is designed to make your journey safer and more enjoyable.


Fast Charging Auto Clamping Phone Car Holder Wireless Charger

Product Description




Qi Input: DC 9V/ 1.8A | 5V/ 2.0A 
Output: 10W | 7.5W |5W
Charging frequency: 110-205 KHZ 
material: ABS 
Charging efficiency: ≥75% 
Charging distance: 4-10mm 
Self-adjusting three charging modes: 
Samsung 10W fast charging 
 Apple 7.5W fast charging |
 Android 5W 
general charge Two options for mount: Suction&Air vent 
Three installation methods: placed in the window glass, 
front windshield, air outlet


10W /7.5W /5W






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