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5-600 Yards Blue/red/black Bilateral Laser Rangefinder For Golf

5-600 Yards Blue/red/black Bilateral Laser Rangefinder For Golf

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Introducing the ultimate tool for precision and accuracy on the golf course - the 5-600 Yards Blue/Red/Black Bilateral Laser Rangefinder. Designed to enhance your golfing experience, this rangefinder is a game-changing accessory that will revolutionize your approach to every shot.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Range: With a range of 5-600 yards, this rangefinder offers accurate distance measurements that cover all aspects of your golf game, from tee to green. No more guesswork - know the exact distance to your target every time.

  2. Bilateral Functionality: This innovative rangefinder features bilateral functionality, enabling you to measure distances from both sides of the device. Whether you're left-handed or right-handed, the ergonomic design ensures easy and comfortable use.

  3. Laser Precision: The advanced laser technology guarantees pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to confidently select the right club for each shot. Accurate distance readings contribute to better shot planning and improved overall performance.

  4. Multi-Color Options: Available in striking blue, red, and black variations, the rangefinder combines performance with style. Choose a color that suits your personal taste and stand out on the course with a sleek and modern accessory.

  5. Clear Optics: Equipped with high-quality optics, the rangefinder offers clear and crisp visual clarity. The lens provides a sharp view of your target, making it easy to lock onto the flagstick or any point you're aiming for.

  6. Compact and Portable: Designed to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket, this rangefinder is lightweight and portable. Take it with you wherever you go, and be ready to measure distances with ease.

  7. One-Button Operation: The rangefinder's user-friendly design ensures simplicity in operation. With just one button, you can quickly and effortlessly obtain accurate distance measurements, allowing you to focus on your game.

  8. Water-Resistant Build: Don't let the weather disrupt your game. The rangefinder's water-resistant construction ensures reliable performance even on rainy days.

Elevate your golfing skills to new heights with the 5-600 Yards Blue/Red/Black Bilateral Laser Rangefinder. Make informed decisions, improve your accuracy, and enjoy the game like never before. Whether you're a casual golfer or a serious competitor, this rangefinder is your key to achieving your best performance on the green. Get ready to experience golfing precision like never before

Products Description
Place of Origin
Chongqing, China
Laser type
905 nm Class 1 EN 60825 eye safe
Water Resistant
Working temp
0°C ~ 40°C
115.8* 70.5* 42
Mode 1
Beeline Distance+Continuous Scan Mode
Mode 2-Slope On
Beeline Distance+Slope Correction+Flagpole Lock with Vibration+Angel
Mode 3
Speed+Continuous Scan
Exit Pupil Diameter
Angle Measurement
Objective Caliber
Eyepiece Caliber
Measurement Range(Yards)
Battery type
Rechargeable battery 500mAh with USB type C, fully charged it can take more than 4500 measurements
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