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1.01ct loose natural diamond E color VS1

1.01ct loose natural diamond E color VS1

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Product Description: 1.01ct Loose Natural Diamond, E Color, VS1 Clarity

Elevate your jewelry creation with this exquisite 1.01-carat loose natural diamond. With its impressive E color grade and remarkable VS1 clarity, this diamond is a testament to nature's most captivating wonders. Whether you're seeking the perfect centerpiece for an engagement ring or a stunning addition to your jewelry collection, this diamond is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Key Features:

  1. E Color Brilliance: Graded as an E color, this diamond exhibits an exceptional level of brilliance and radiance. Its near-colorless quality allows it to reflect light in a way that enhances its stunning sparkle.

  2. VS1 Clarity: With a VS1 clarity grade, this diamond boasts very slight inclusions that are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. This level of clarity ensures a mesmerizing play of light and enhances the diamond's overall visual appeal.

  3. Precise Cut: The diamond's cut is of paramount importance in maximizing its brilliance. Our expertly cut diamond is designed to optimize light performance, resulting in a breathtaking display of fire and scintillation.

  4. Versatile Size: At 1.01 carats, this diamond strikes a perfect balance between size and elegance. It offers ample presence without overwhelming, making it an ideal choice for various jewelry styles.

  5. Endless Possibilities: This loose diamond provides you with the creative freedom to design a custom piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style. Whether you envision a classic solitaire ring, a sophisticated pendant, or an elegant pair of earrings, this diamond will be the crowning jewel.


  • Carat Weight: 1.01 carats
  • Color Grade: E (Near Colorless)
  • Clarity Grade: VS1 (Very Slightly Included 1)
  • Cut: Expertly Crafted to Maximize Brilliance
  • Shape: [Insert Diamond Shape - e.g., Round Brilliant, Princess, etc.]
  • Dimensions: [Insert Approximate Dimensions - e.g., 6.45mm x 6.45mm x 3.90mm]
  • Certification: Accompanied by a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or other Reputable Laboratory Certificate

Indulge in Timeless Beauty:

Experience the allure of this 1.01-carat loose natural diamond, where purity of color and clarity converge to create a gem that transcends time. Whether you're crafting a symbol of everlasting love or enhancing your jewelry collection with a touch of elegance, this diamond is a true masterpiece of nature, ready to shine brilliantly in your chosen setting.

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Natural Diamond
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